Thursday Thoughts

Nestled In
You might recall that I spent the first three or four weeks of our time in AZ without my computer. It had apparently been knocked around too much on the plane trip here, and the display didn’t work. After much ado, I was able to get it fixed. Let’s just say my computer did a lot more traveling this winter than I. But I am determined that it doesn’t get knocked around on the trip home. With the help of Amazon, it has a nice little sleeve in which to live while traveling…..

I recently featured my granddaughter Kaiya’s self-portrait using Pablo Picasso’s cubism style…..

Her sister, who has the same art teacher, recently completed the same assignment. I will have to ask her about her use of color, especially on her face. But I’m so happy that she managed to capture the adorable gap she has between her front teeth, the gap that makes Mylee, well, Mylee…..

Cleaning Day
And speaking of Mylee, the other day I got a text message from her. It said Nana, guess what? I answered her: What? And before I knew it, I got this picture…..

He’s clean now, she excitedly texted me. It seems that her beloved MoMo got a much-needed laundering. It might not happen again until he and Mylee leave for college!

Grandkids Hugs
I’m actually going to be able to get hugs from ALL my grandkids within a week or so of arriving back in Denver. Heather is coming to Denver for a conference, and she is bringing both Joseph and Micah. Bill and I are very excited to see all our grandkids again. Oh, and our kids.



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