Our Bags Are Packed and We’re Ready to Go

Just like Peter, Paul, and Mary, our bags are packed and we’re ready to go. Except they’re not, and we’re not. I’m looking forward to returning to Denver and seeing our family there. But it’s Tuesday morning and I’m doing just about anything I can to avoid beginning the packing process. I hate to pack.

Bill — in his Bill-like way — has been like a busy little beaver, making boxes, filling boxes, taping boxes closed. I, on the other hand, am writing about Peter, Paul, and Mary songs. The trio is telling me my bags are packed and I’m ready to go, but it’s not true. And it’s also not the only time that Peter, Paul, and Mary have mislead me. Many years ago, my sister Bec and her husband accompanied Bill and me to a Peter, Paul, and Mary concert at a pretty outdoor concert venue in northern Virginia. The three of us were excited to listen to the trio sing the songs we enjoyed as we grew into adulthood. Bring on Puff the Magic Dragon! Finally, Peter and Paul came out to greet us. After the applause died down, they informed us that Mary was not there; in fact, Mary was very ill and in the hospital. Don’t worry, they told us eagerly. You will all sing Mary’s part! Furthermore, they added, let’s give her a call! Which, I might add, they proceeded to do. Mary couldn’t come to the phone because she was in the process of, well, dying. I know it’s a sad-but-true story. I would have liked to have seen the look on her face when the nurse informed her that Peter and Paul were on the phone and wanted her to say hi to her fans. Those two doofuses have driven me crazy my entire adult life and Puff the Magic Dragon was a stupid song and no matter what they say, it was too about drugs, she likely thought.

My having told you this story clearly illustrates just how much I don’t want to begin my packing.

I could have packed Sunday, but instead, I went to Maggie’s house where she gave Bill and me a going-away party. I’m not one to miss a good party, particularly when I’m the guest of honor. I could have packed yesterday, but I’m in the middle of a really good book, and I had to figure out who to vote for on The Voice. 

But seriously, we do have a lot of stuff to cram into today. Bill has a dentist appointment. We have an appointment with Hyundai to get our car ready for the trip. The pest control people will pay us a visit. It’s all enough to make me not want to pack.

In the time between when we drive away from the nearly 100 degree temperatures we have been experiencing in the past week or so into our Denver driveway, it’s supposed to snow. In Denver, not here. I just hope it gets it out of its system for good.

Maybe I can kill a little bit of time this afternoon looking at weather patterns in the United States over the next month.

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  1. I would love to attach a pic of my very snowy backyard but alas I will leave that to your imagination.

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