Thursday Thoughts

See the Slot
The temperatures in AZ are rising, which means that it’s time for us to head back to our Denver home. To that end, we plan on leaving on Wednesday for Denver. Instead of our usual drive, which takes us through Albuquerque, we are fulfilling one of Bill’s bucket list items by touring Antelope Canyon in northern Arizona…..

…..and spending the night in Page, AZ. We will then take a couple of more days and drive through Moab, UT, and then get on I-70 and travel past Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs and on to Denver. We should be back in Denver by May 2.

Flowers Are A’Bloom
A bit later than usual, but the cactus flowers are blooming. The burst of color is a sight for sore eyes…..

We were excited to discover that we had a Cactus Wren in our palm tree that is in our back yard. Cactus Wrens are AZ’s state bird. Their nests are shaped kind of like a football, not open like a robin’s nest. Generally they build nests in cacti; hence, their name. But apparently these birds were confused and have built in our palm tree. Cactus Wrens males and females share the duties of nest building. We have enjoyed watching everything involved in building the nest. No chicks yet…..




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