Thursday Thoughts

Notre Dame
Bill and I have been blessed to visit Notre Dame cathedral in Paris twice. Both times we stood in line so that we could enter the unbelievably beautiful church. I’m sure that I complained about the long line in which I waited to enter the Paris cathedral. Notre Dame, of course, was named to honor the Blessed Mother, who must have wept, as did all of us, as the church burned. I texted my daughter-in-law who grew up in Paris, and expressed our sadness. She concurred, of course, but expressed hope and joy that the president of France plans to rebuild and that rich donors are stepping up to the plate. I’m just happy that no one was physically hurt. I’m also so happy that I was able to see the church on a couple of occasions.

Fast Food
Yesterday, both Bill and I had a hankering for fried chicken. I, however, didn’t have a hankering to fry it myself. So I made a quick run to the nearby Popeye’s to pick up a couple of small meals. When I say small meals, I am certainly not talking about the size of the cups. Do you want a medium or a large drink?, the young cashier asked me. That’s a new phenomenon that I simply don’t understand. Medium or large. Whatever happened to small? Can they just, in good conscience, not call the drink I purchased small as it must hold a full 16 oz. of beverage? Then I took a gander at the ingredients in the package that they call honey sauce: honey, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, natural flavor, fructose, caramel color. Couldn’t they find any other sources of sugar?

Bunnies and Such
The past few years, Bill and I have celebrated fairly quiet Easters. Two years ago, I think it was just Bec and Bill and me. Last year, Erik and his family, and Sami and Brooke joined us. I assumed we would have a small gathering again this year, but it has blossomed, my friends. There will be a minimum of 21 happy faces, all saved by the resurrection of Our Lord! Oh, and I think a visit from the Easter bunny might happen.

Last night, Bill and I joined Bec for a night at the Desert Botanical Gardens. We walked around for a bit when it was light…..

….and then ate dinner at Gertrudes’s Restaurant. After dinner we walked around for the main event:  Electric Desert. The exhibit was a combination of lights and music, all centered around the desert plants and cacti that live in the garden. It was absolutely spectacular, as you can see….


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