Thursday Thoughts

In the manner of Pablo Picasso,…..

…..Kaiya’s latest artwork (which I’m able to see because of a program provided by the school district that enables parents and other permitted people to see and comment on their darlings’ works of art) uses the artistic concept of cubism. It’s a self-portrait. As always, I’m impressed…..

I’ve always thought she would be a writer. Now I wonder whether art is calling her name.

Another Bomb
While I’m complaining about the heat (and, by the way, yesterday was much a milder day, with temps reaching only the mid-70s), my friends and family in Denver are experiencing another so-called bomb cyclone. I am 65 years old and had never heard that phrase until a few weeks ago. I think the weather people are getting bored. At any rate, Denver and its environs are experiencing another blizzard. Yuck yuck and yuck.

Check the Tank
The other day after Lilly and I finished geocaching, we were driving down the street towards Sonic Drive-In. Lilly — seated in her booster seat in the back seat — said, “Aunt Kris, how much gas do you have in this car?” The question caught me off guard. “Lilly, I have almost a full tank of gas. Why do you ask?” “Welllll,” she said with a voice full of doubt, “sometimes people run out of gas and I wanted to make sure we weren’t going to run out of gas.” I was once again reminded of just how little faith our children have in us. 

Happy Belated Siblings Day
Yesterday was apparently Siblings Day. I only know these things because people started posting photos of themselves with their siblings. Well. I can do that too….

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