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Say It Ain’t So
Our eldest grandson Alastair was born 14 years ago tomorrow. He’s a very special young man. Being the only boy surrounded by three sisters, he takes pride on his ability to get under each sister’s skin in unique ways. He can spend incredible amounts of time drawing and designing, destined to be an architect or an engineer. When I receive my thank you note from the kids for a birthday or other holiday gift, his note is often my favorite. The best one was the year his Papa and I sent him a chemistry set for his birthday. We called early the morning of his birthday, and was told that he was in the emergency room already with a cut hand from a beaker that had broken. His thank you note went like this: Dear Nana and Papa, Thank you for the chemistry set and science book. I have done a few experiments. My hand is feeling a lot better. Love, Alastair. Hope your day is happy! You won’t cut your hand on this year’s gift. Here are three McLain men….

Guardian Angels
When Bill and I traveled in Europe for three months in 2008, we were convinced then — and are still convinced — that we had a travel angel. There were just too many times that we were saved by God’s hand from a serious boo-boo. Likewise, when Bill recently installed hardwood flooring in our Denver home, we were wondering just how we would move the piano. The day he wanted to start, two men came to collect our freezer. Bill asked them if they would like to earn a few bucks, and they agreed, and moved the piano down the two stairs to the entryway. When it was time to move it back, a plumber accepted the same offer. Yesterday afternoon, Bill and our friend and neighbor Dale were working their pants off trying to remove the stump that remained from our tree being cut down. A three-man work crew from a place I will not mention on this blog (for fear of getting them fired) went past the house, and then turned around and came back. Need any help? they asked. Bill gave them a few bucks and the three men spent an hour-and-a-half removing the stump. Most people are good.

Check Under Your Scrambled Eggs
Bec, Jen, and I went out for breakfast the other morning. I had heard about a place called Joe’s Farm Grill, and we decided to give it a try. The food was delicious, with many of the ingredients coming straight from the farm on which the restaurant sat. We chose to eat outside because it was a beautiful morning. However, we decided NOT to climb this tempting tree for obvious reasons…..

Since our bones are old and brittle, we aren’t sure which would be worse — the falling or the scorpion stings.

One Looks Different From the Other
I was cleaning out the cupboard I use to store our liquor, and realized we had two bottles of Irish cream: one was purchased by Jen and one was purchased by Bill. See if you can guess who purchased which bottle…..


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