Thursday Thoughts

Right on Target
Jen was in the market for new towels for her bathroom here, so a trip to Target seemed in order. She couldn’t decide on a color, so she took some photos and we returned home. After lunch, she had made a decision, and we drove back to Target. While she shopped for towels, I picked up a few things, including some chicken thighs. I dropped her off at Maggie’s and returned home, only to find that I had forgotten the bag with the chicken thighs. I called Jen to see if she had accidentally picked up my bag, but alas, she had not. I went back and forth — was it worth yet another drive back to Target to see if by chance they were still hanging around somewhere? But it wasn’t long before Jen called me to tell me she had returned to Target and gotten my chicken thighs and was on her way to drop them off. She gets Lenten brownie points for sure.

Red Mountain March
Yesterday morning, Jen and Maggie and I met up at nearby Red Mountain Park. Maggie, being younger and more ambitious, set off to do her own walk/run exercise. Jen and I walked at a slower pace, but it felt good nonetheless. When Jen dropped off the chicken in the afternoon, she confirmed our suspicion  that she had actually put more steps on her pedometer in Target than she had at Red Mountain Park.

Our eldest granddaughter Adelaide (who just turned 16), is, as I write this blog post, in Japan with a group from her high school. She takes Spanish as her foreign language choice, and her Spanish teacher was leading a group of TJ students to Japan, and invited her to join them. Originally, Addie was to be accompanied by her father, but he was unable to go because he was tied up with a court case. While I’m sure Addie was disappointed, she is making do…..

In a million years, I wouldn’t have had the courage to go to Japan when I was 16 years old. I’m proud of her, but praying like crazy.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside
We FaceTimed with our family in Vermont last night. Heather told us that she volunteered at a field trip for their eldest son Joseph. It occurred to her that perhaps she miscalculated just how much fun her role was when she realized that the temperature was 14 degrees. They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring.

New York State of Mind
Speaking of Joseph and Micah, they recently accompanied their parents to New York City, where Heather and Lauren lived when Joseph was born. the boys explored the city that they love so much. I asked Micah what he thought about New York City. He told me he did so much walking that he thought it should be called Walking City…..