Thursday Thoughts

Waste Not, Want Not
Here’s a crazy thing about me: There are some things I don’t think twice about wasting (time being one that comes to mind immediately). If there is a dab of food left from, say, a casserole, both of my sisters will bring out a little empty chicken bouillon jar or a tiny plastic container that once held sour cream and scoop that minuscule dab into the vessel for tomorrow’s meal (that wouldn’t fill up a mouse). Not me. If it’s not enough to fill me up for lunch, it’s history. But I can’t waste fruit or eggs. So what can you do with overripe fruit and eggs that are dangerously close to expiring? Make bread! So yesterday afternoon I peeled and chopped two lone apples that had been ignored in our fridge (because I keep forgetting that I don’t particularly like uncooked apples), and made apple fritter bread…..

Spring Has Sprung
Within a span of a few days, we went from turning on the heat in the morning to thinking seriously about turning on the air conditioner the past few afternoons. Couldn’t do it, though. And I’m not complaining, believe me. We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of warm weather. I can now open up the doors in the morning and hear the birds sing. That makes me happy.

Play Ball
Because of our cool weather, Bill and I have been avoiding Spring Training. But on Monday the weather promised to be warm and sunny, so we took ourselves out to the ballgame. The Cincinnati Reds played the Rockies. We miscalculated a bit and spent the entire game in the sun, something that makes me happy but makes Bill, well, hot…..

Good Eats
We like the games, but the other thing we like is driving a few miles further to have lunch before the game at Guido’s Italian Deli. I’ve talked about Guido’s in other blog posts. Their Italian sub is a sandwich even a non-sandwich-eater can love. We enjoyed every drippy bite. Oh, and we might also have gotten a hot dog later that afternoon at the ballgame. Because BASEBALL.


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