Saturday Smile: Money Money Money Money…..Money

This past Thursday was the last day of the month, which is also the day my PERA paycheck is deposited. I remember how eagerly my grandmother awaited the arrival of her Social Security check each month via snail mail. (At that time it was called simply mail.) That’s me on the last day of each month.

In addition to my PERA deposit, I also receive a check from an investment account. That check is reliably deposited on the last day of each month as well. Except for February. Apparently the fact that February only has 28 days throws a kink in the system, and my money doesn’t show up until a day or so later.

Nevertheless, I checked the status of my account on Thursday morning and that was exactly as it played out. My PERA was there, but my investment money was not.

“I want my money,” I whined to Bill.

And that made me recall a video I had received from Court and Alyx about a year ago. I laughed a year ago, I laughed Thursday, and I will laugh every time I watch Cole…..

I agree Cole. I want my money.

Have a great weekend.

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