It Took Its Sweet Time

I mentioned that one of my physical therapists apologized to me and all snowbirds on behalf of ARIZONA for the cold weather we have been having. I don’t believe she has the right to represent all of Arizona because frankly it’s a big state and there were a lot of people who seemingly enjoyed the snow in Flagstaff. And I must admit that Superstition Mountain looked very pretty with it’s chapel veil of snow on Sunday morning when Bill and I were able to capture this pretty shot….

Still, since I was one of the many who whined like a little baby whose mother took away her pacifier, I feel the need to admit that I was very happy to awaken yesterday morning to a lovely sunrise and blue skies as far as my eyes could see. What’s more, the weather forecasters were predicting warm and dry weather for the future, with the highs temperature nearing 80 on Thursday. Even the road runner seemed to have a spring in his step on its daily visit to our back yard.

The sunshine and warm temps got me in the mood for spring. And when I’m in the mood for spring, what do I do? I shop for outdoor plants and patio fixings. By midmorning, I had joined the throngs of snowbirds in the garden center of Walmart. I bought a few herbs…..

I selected a couple of geranium plants that I knew would brighten our back yard…..

And I impulsively purchased some new cushions for our patio furniture, replacing the faded cushions that had outlived their usefulness…..

No matter what Keith Urban says, blue IS my color, at least when it comes to patio cushions.

Even at my crabbiest, I knew that all of the moisture and cool temperatures we were getting would create a world of color when it finally warmed up. After all, in the real world, April showers bring May flowers. The time line is just moved up in the desert. Already, we spotted this field of flowers not far from our house towards Superstition Mountain…..

And I know for sure that once the cactus — fat and full as an Italian grandfather after Sunday dinner because of all the rain — start to bloom, the flowers will be beautiful.

The warm weather took its sweet time to arrive, but arrive, it did. And just in the nick of time for Spring Training.

Play ball!.






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    • I know you guys have had a bad winter. I feel bad about complaining about our 50 degree temps. It will warm up soon, and your spring will be splendid!

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