Saturday Smile: Rainy Day Activities

I’m sure it has happened, but I don’t recall when last I was someplace where it rained — not drizzled, but rained — for three days straight. Well, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration because yesterday there were a couple of breaks in the rain. Thursday was the day when it was raining when I got up, rained all day, and was still raining yesterday morning when I awoke. Even the scorpions have umbrellas.

Yesterday at my physical therapy, one of the therapists actually apologized to me on behalf of the entire state of Arizona for providing such yucky weather for the snowbirds.

At any rate, both Bill and I have maintained a reasonably positive attitude. Our upbeat outlook is primarily because we have found indoor things to do that have made me smile.

First: I pulled a puzzle out of our closet, dusted it off, and between the two of us, we put it together over the past couple of days. I had forgotten just how much I enjoy puzzles…..

Second: Bill dragged the sewing machine out of the garage and began sewing the apron I have been nagging him to make for me……

He wasn’t nearly as happy about this as the photo suggests.

Third: When he wasn’t sewing, Bill was studying to take the test for his drone commercial pilots’ license. Because he can……

Fourth: While Bill was sewing and/or learning how to fly a drone for commercial purposes, I was reconnoitering through our den window. You know, like a secret agent. What was I studying? Our new neighbors. This is the third family to live in the house next door in the 8-1/2 years we have owned our house. To my delight, the first thing I spotted was kids’ play equipment…..

Photo taken surreptitiously, as any spy would do.

It wasn’t long before I saw a little pink riding car come off the truck. Yippee! A little girl.

Actually, as it turns out, I wouldn’t have had to be a spy, because our new neighbor, Melissa, introduced herself to me. (She likely thought that would make her more comfortable than seeing someone peering through the blinds.) She is the single mother of a 2-1/2 year old girl named Miami.

I do like the sound of little kids’ laughter.

Have a great weekend.


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