Thursday Thoughts

Stretching the Truth
I had my first session of physical therapy yesterday, as ordered by the doctor. I only have one thing to say about it: OUCH! The hope is that by stretching and strengthening the muscles around my knee, the pain will be relieved. I hope so, because it’s going to be a pain in the, well, knee. She sent me home with a red elastic band and an order to do the exercises at home as well. Masochist.

Does It Hurt When I Do This?
My sister Bec maintains that we can get more and better information from our physical therapists and our pharmacists than from our doctors. Yesterday, she was proven correct. The doc who went over the results of my MRI with me told me that I had an inflamed calf muscle, a muscle that went up to my knee. The physical therapist had me do a specific activity in which I lifted my left leg from the ground and did toe lifts with my right foot. Because it is my right knee that causes the problems, she warned me that it would likely hurt to do so. But it didn’t. Not a bit. “Ah ha!” she exclaimed. “Then it isn’t your calf muscle that is inflamed. It’s your hamstring muscle.” Well, that seems like a swing and a miss from the doctor I said to the PT. “Not really,” she replied. “They overlap on the MRI. It’s easy to misdiagnose.” Well, easy if you’re a doctor apparently, but not a physical therapist.

Some Like It Hot
There is a restaurant in west Mesa that proudly brags on their hot New Mexican-style food. Since New Mexican style is hard to find here in the Valley (meaning no smothered with green chile), I am always eager to visit Los Dos Molinos and eat some of their fiery food. Bec invited me to meet her there the other day, and I was happy to do so. You can practically smell the heat, can’t you?…..

Every weekend, in the parking lot of a pawn shop, a van is parked with signs advertising fresh shrimp and lobster from Rocky Point, Mexico……

I will admit that it’s always a bit tempting. Still, buying seafood from a van parked in front of a pawn shop with hand-written signs gives me no confidence. Thus far, I haven’t been tempted quite enough.


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