Wild, Wild Horses

Childhood living is easy to do.
The things you wanted I bought them for you.
Graceless lady you know who I am.
You know I can’t let you slide through my hands.
Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.
Wild, wild horses couldn’t drag me away. – Rolling Stones

Our grandson Cole perfectly depicts the way I felt yesterday afternoon…..

Nobody can express themselves quite like a 4-year-old, am I wrong? He was mad about getting his hair cut. As for my pouty mood, I was mad because once again, Bill and I were unable to spot a single wild horse. I would post a photo of the way I looked yesterday afternoon, but it wouldn’t be nearly as comical.

There are wild horses that gallop free as the wind in an area of the Tonto National Forest some 20 miles north of the front door of our AZ home. People flock to see these beautiful wild creatures. Purportedly, this year — because of the cool and wet winter we are experiencing in the Sonoran Desert area — these horses are plentiful, well-fed, and easy to spot from the side of the road.

Unless you’re Bill and me. Because despite the fact that most people who travel to see the horses are nearly tripping on them as they gallop by while the visitors stand on the side of the road, we only hear crickets chirping. Seriously. No horses. Only smiling picnickers as they toss their empty paper plates into the trash, reminiscing cheerfully about the herd of horses that galloped by a mere 25 minutes ago.

I wouldn’t be so dismayed except for the fact that it isn’t the first time Bill and I have tried to see the wild horses. About a year ago, Bill and I set out to find the horses that everyone-but we see. This is as close as we got that time…..

Yesterday we didn’t even get that close. We never even saw the horse poop!

We have friends who see the horses every time they drive up north on a horse-finding expedition. They send me photos…..

It’s true. A stallion, a mare, and two colts. I kid you not. Yesterday these four rascals must have gone to Grandma Wild Horse’s house because they were nowhere to be found on a lovely AZ winter’s day by we two horse-seekers.

Oh, and this one…..

“Well, hi there Guys!” they appear to be saying. “Would you like to get a bit closer so that you can rub our snouts and maybe feed us apples?”

Alas, we failed this day, but I’m not giving up. Bill and I will lick our wounds and then try once again. Maybe this time we will bring along a few critical essentials. Like our lucky horses-spotting friends.

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