Thursday Thoughts

Baby, It’s Cold Outside
While much of the country is in a deep freeze and/or buried under a deep blanket of snow, the Valley of the Sun is facing its own odd weather. While there is no guarantee of warm weather in late January and into February, it seems to almost always happen. This year, however, there have only been a couple of days that reached 70. Yesterday’s high was in the low 50s with the overnight temps nearing freezing. Today is supposed to be much the same. I’m pretty sure I’m not getting a lot of sympathy, but this is a picture of Bill watching Lilly’s soccer game. Have you ever seen anyone look more miserable?…..

My niece Maggie works from home, and while the job offers a lot of flexibility, she has work to accomplish, even when her kids are home from school. Generally, her husband Mark is there to provide backup and distraction for the kids. He has been out of town this week, however, so I went over to their house to provide entertainment after school while their mom tried to get some work done. Lilly and I baked snickerdoodle cookies, with my biggest challenge being getting Lilly to agree to make the cookies round. She had many other shapes in mind. Once the cookies were finished, we played a couple of hands of Old Maid and one game of Go Fish. Lilly plays perfectly fair with no cheating; however, when she possesses the Old Maid card (the kiss of death, as you will recall), she is about as non-sneaky as you can get in order to attempt to get rid of it. She always — ALWAY — puts the card in the middle of her cards, sticking way up above the other cards. Being her loving aunt, I would take the card. Her brother Austin, however, was not falling for that old trick. I finally convinced her that having the card stick way up was the best way to get him to NOT select that card. Sure enough, as soon as she stopped, Austin picked the Old Maid card (which he quickly enough gave to me!) Nothing like a rousing game of Old Maid to get your heart racing.

Maybe If He’d Been Naked
Bill and I went to the theater on Tuesday night, thanks to a Christmas gift from Allen and Emma…..

Seriously, can anyone take worse selfies than Bill and me?

We ate dinner at an old-school restaurant called Durant’s (about which I will tell you next week). The restaurant was about a half mile from the theater, so being unfamiliar with the area, we asked the valet if it was safe enough to walk. He somewhat hesitantly said it was, given the number of people that were still out and about. So we set off to the theater. We in fact only encountered two people in the entire half mile. When we arrived at the theater, Bill asked me, “So, did you notice the guy we passed who was wearing the animal mask and the hood?” Nope, I sure didn’t. Honest to goodness, I don’t notice ANYTHING. I believe the only reason he didn’t rob us is that we were so old and stodgy looking, and so confident, that he presumed we had a concealed carry gun permit and were packing heat. Little did he know that the what he presumed was confidence was really only cluelessness, at least on my part. Sigh.


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