It’s Incredible

Friday afternoon I got a text message from my 10-year-old granddaughter Kaiya: Nana. (Kaiya always starts her text messages to me with an emphatic Nana and a period. She just wants to make sure I’m paying attention.) Incredible 2 is on Netflix.

She was alerting me to this fact because she knew that I desperately wanted to see this movie. Yes, it’s true. I — like thousands upon thousands of Incredible fans (99.87 percent of whom are 10 or younger) — was simply DYING to know if the baby had superpowers. The Incredibles (the original one, that is) left us dangling. It was the biggest unfinished plot line since Who Shot J.R.?

Kaiya and her siblings had already seen The Incredibles 2, but they kept the secret of whether or not the baby had powers and, if so, what those powers were. I kept trying to make our schedules work so that I could take them to see the movie with me (they had already seen it with their parents), but I couldn’t make it happen before we left Denver. I even considered renting it from Red Box, but I was pretty sure Bill wouldn’t want to see it, and also pretty sure he might call a mental hospital to pick me up should I watch it by myself.

Still, now that it was on Netflix, I was going to watch it one way or another. And then I remembered my AZ-resources: my great nephew and great niece Austin and Lilly.

Taking my cue from Kaiya, I sent my niece a text message: Maggie. The Incredibles 2 is on Netflix. Would Austin and Lilly like to see it?

Actually, that’s not completely true. I asked her while we were at Lilly’s soccer game. But if I had sent a text message, I would definitely have started with her name followed by a period. It’s my new signature text message style.

Anyway, she told me that though they had just watched it the week before when they had been home sick, they would love to watch it again with me. And so we did.

As soon as I sat down, I instructed both of them to NOT do what my 8-year-old granddaughter Mylee always does when we watch a movie together that she’s seen before: tell me what’s about to happen before it does. Mylee is not being mean. She just is so excited that she wants to make sure I’m not dozing off. They both sincerely promised that they wouldn’t spill any beans.

And then they both promptly began spilling beans.

The baby has 17 superpowers Austin told me even before the movie started. And it was downhill from there, plot surprise-wise. It really didn’t matter, because I’m the one who always reads the plots from Wikipedia before I watch any movie, and frequently look at the end of books first. Still…..17 SUPERPOWERS!…..

And now I’ve told you.

I love the animated movies they make for kids these days. Long gone are the days of those dreadful movies I had to sit through with Court when he was young. Nowadays, the animation is mesmerizing and the stories are clever, often with quips meant for the grown ups in the audience. The animation is amazing, especially the Pixar movies. I love how the characters resemble the actors who are providing their voices.

It’s not surprising that good triumphed over evil in The Incredibles 2. And it really is a movie worth watching, especially if you can borrow a kid.

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