Thursday Thoughts

Don’t You Have a Credit Card Like Everyone Else?
The other day Bill and I went to Fuddrucker’s for dinner. It is one of my favorite hamburger joints. You order from a cashier, and then choose your table. Your buzzer goes off when your food is ready. Bill paid while I chose our seat. He was up there a long time, and I could see that the cashier had called in a manager for assistance. What on earth? I wondered. When he finally came to our table, he was laughing. “I paid in cash, and the cashier had trouble making the change,” he said. “She had to call in someone to help her figure it out.” Here’s the thing: He gave her $30 cash. The bill was $24.92. At the risk of sounding 95 years old, what’s the matter with the durn kids these days? I’m pretty sure my 6-year-old grandson Micah could have figured that one out.

Read Anything Good Lately?
I’m reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for, I don’t know, maybe the seventh or eighth time in my life. But it’s been a long time since I read it last. As I’m reading, I’m wondering which one of my grandkids would enjoy it the most. After careful consideration (since, as you can see, a large number of my grandkids like to read)…..

Dagny is snuggled up in the weighted blanket we gave her for Christmas and enjoying a book.

…..I decided Kaiya would be the one who would most enjoy a novel such as Betty Smith’s classic coming-of-age story. The other readers lean towards fantasy novels. Unfortunately, I think that Kaiya is still a bit too young for some of the parts of the book. Another year or two perhaps.

The other day, I made a visit to the Power Road Farmers’ Market. I’ve driven past it numerous times, but I have never stopped to see what they sell. One of the many nice things about wintering in AZ is that there are local fruits and vegetables this early in the year. In particular, there are lots of citrus fruits available to purchase (or steal from a neighbor’s tree).

The limes, lemons, and grapefruit are local; the tangelos are not. I found lots to buy at the farmers’ market, and was able to shop for a good half hour before Bill started making “are you almost finished” noises…..

Nothing Makes Me Happier…..
I thought of a couple more simple things that make me happy. Nothing makes me happier than getting involved in a book that you can’t put down. Like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. And nothing makes me happier than going to a restaurant that includes Diet Fanta Orange soda! Let’s hear it for those big red Coca-Cola soda machines.


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  1. While I’m sitting here reading this while it’s snowing outside I will tell you those pics of fresh fruit and veggies are beautiful. Sigh. ❄️

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