Nothing Makes Me Happier

The other morning I got up around 6. I started a pot of coffee brewing, as I do each morning. I posted my blog and checked my email for advertisements from everyone with whom I’ve ever done business, and Facebook to make sure the liberals still hate the conservatives and the conservatives still hate the liberals. I then went back to the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee.

As I began pouring the coffee into my cup, I thought to myself nothing makes me happier than pouring that first cup of coffee in the morning.

And then I stopped (not the pouring but the thought). Was that really true? Does absolutely NOTHING make me happier than that first cup of coffee? Wouldn’t hearing that a mysterious person had paid off all of my kids’ debts make me happier? What about hearing that every leader in the world had agreed to give up nuclear weapons and come together in peace; wouldn’t that make me happier? Or how about turning on the news and learning that a brilliant scientist had come up with a cure for Parkinson’s? Yep, happier.

So it’s hyperbole, plain and simple. Still, isn’t it really the small things in life that make a person happy? Because countries aren’t going to give up nuclear weapons. And maybe someone will find a cure for Parkinson’s, but not any time soon, I suspect.

Which got me to thinking about what little things make me the happiest. Here are some of the things that came to mind:

Nothing makes me happier than receiving an unsolicited and unexpected hug from my son Court. He isn’t particularly demonstrative. So an unexpected hug makes my heart soar.

Nothing makes me happier than to see my grandkids playing on our big cement patio in exactly the way I imagined when we had it put in 15 years ago.

Nothing makes me happier than making beautiful food for people I love.

Nothing makes me happier than the smell of a real charcoal grill, and the enjoyment of drinking an ice cold martini as the coals turn to ash.

Nothing makes me happier than that our kids have all found such wonderful life partners.

Nothing makes me happier than to see the days getting longer and warmer, especially when the flowers start to bloom, both in AZ and Denver.

Nothing makes me happier than when I — having been awake for awhile — hear Bill moving in the bedroom because I know in a few minutes he will come out and my REAL day begins.

Nothing makes me happier than time with my best friend.

I could go on and on, never running out of things that make me happy. But given that world peace and cures for difficult diseases aren’t in my immediate future, I must say, with all honesty, nothing makes me happier than when ALL of my grandkids are gathered together in one place, playing with one another. The sound of their laughter is like music.

Now that’s happy.

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