Thursday Thoughts

My mother was a bit on the cautious side. That is not a criticism, because I am exactly like her, and proud of it! She taught me many cautionary lessons, but the one that perhaps sticks in my mind the most is her rule that one should never put on or remove the beater of a mixer when it is plugged in. The chance of mangled fingers is waaaay to high. As a result of hearing her say this over and over, I have never — not once — removed or placed a beater on a plugged-in mixer. I have also been known to yell at Tricia Yearwood or Ree Drummond (on the television, of course) that they should be unplugging the mixer before they remove the attachment. They don’t listen. The other day, I had my Kitchen Aid mixer out to make a carrot cake. It was the first time out since we arrived. I put on the attachment, and then plugged in the mixer. It turned on immediately because evidently the power switch had been turned on. Had it not been unplugged, I wouldn’t be typing this blog because my fingers would most assuredly be mangled. Ha! Vindication for my mother. And a caution to you all.

When the Cat’s Away
Bill has been out of town for a couple of days, having to go back to Denver for a doctor’s appointment. Though he doesn’t sat much, he simply can’t understand how I can sit and binge watch a television program. Over the summer, I binged seven seasons of The Closer. He would walk in the room and shake his head. While he was gone, I binged all the episodes of The Innocent Man on Netflix, a program Bill would have hated. I went from one episode to the next, until I thought my head would explode. But it was AWESOME to be able to watch a program like that without feeling rather than seeing someone’s eyes roll. If you’re into true crime, I recommend it.

One Checked Off
One of the good things about watching The Innocent Man is that now I can cancel my hold for the book by John Grisham upon which the television series is based. It is the author’s first foray into nonfiction, and I have had it on hold at the library for a while. Normally I would prefer a book over a screen, but I am so backed up on library e-books right now that being able to remove one from my holds is a relief.

Hold Still
In Bill’s absence, my brother Dave came over to my house and cooked carne asada on the grill for me. His daughter Kacy joined us, along with her four kids — Kelsie, Lexie, Jenna, and Ava. Before they left for the evening, I managed to get them to hold still long enough to shoot a photo…..


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    • I forgot to ask Kacy wether they fit. Lex had Jammie day at school because it was her teacher’s birthday. Kelsie ran up to me two or three times, threw her arms around my legs and said, “I like you!” 🙂

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