Saturday Smile: Going Bananas

We had a great Christmas celebration — or maybe I should say celebrations because the partying went on for days. I would say that all nine of our grandkids liked our presents to them. But having said that, I must add that three out of the nine had quite memorable reactions.

Maggie Faith asked for — and received from Bill and me — an electronic label maker. She couldn’t have been happier. She spent the next few days — and likely beyond, though we left on Thursday, so I can’t say for sure — labeling just about anything that wasn’t moving. Coffee cups, books, shelves, other furniture, and so on. She apparently was heard proclaiming that it was her favorite gift.

We gave Cole a magnetic building set. It might have just been because it was the first gift he opened on that magical day, but he ripped the paper, saw the colored box, and squealed with joy before he even knew what the gift was.

But far and away, the funniest reaction was from 6-year-old Micah. Earlier on Christmas Eve Day, he had admitted to me that he liked — no, LOVED — banana bread. “Banana bread is my favorite thing,” he said. “But I don’t like it with nuts.”

After he left, I remembered that many moons ago, I had thrown three bananas into my freezer for the express purpose of using at a later date to make banana bread. Voila! A perfect time.

I made the bread (no nuts) and took it over to their house that afternoon. No one was there but Lauren. She took the bread and suggested that we give it to Micah as a Christmas gift.

After he opened all of his presents from Bill and me, Lauren went and got the banana bread. “You have one more present, Micah,” she told him.

“BANANA BREAD!” he exclaimed at the top of his lungs. “I LOVE BANANA BREAD.” He came and gave me a great big hug. Then he got a serious look on his face. “Are there nuts in it?” he asked cautiously.

“No nuts,” I told him.

I love when people are easy to please.

Here is a photo of Bill and all of our grands as we gathered this past week…..

Have a great weekend.

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