Thursday Thoughts

The Bee’s Knees
We couldn’t be happier with our new carpeting, and are both relieved that the remodel is finally over. The day after the installation, I eagerly began putting my office back into order, determined to really clean out my desk and files. In the course of going through my things, I came across this photo…..

I had seen the photo before, but had forgotten about it. The girl on the left is my mom when she was about 15 or 16 years old. That’s kind of a guess based on Bill taking a gander at the car in the background and guessing what year the car was built. I believe that the other girl was one of my mom’s cousins, though I know her not. The photo makes me happy. I love how she’s holding the light pole in downtown Cedar Rapids, Nebraska. Rest assured that Cedar Rapids doesn’t look that much different today.

Before Clowns Were Scary
Speaking of photos, while Bill and I were most recently in AZ, we went to a pizza joint which purported itself to be genuinely All Things Chicago. We were fairly unimpressed with the pizza, but quite impressed with the Chicago paraphernalia hanging on the wall. One of the photographs was of Bozo the Clown, who was the main character in a WGN television program called The Bozo Show……

As a side note, Bill’s sister Kathy was one of the lucky recipients of a bicycle awarded by Bozo the Clown. The catch was that the bike needed to be claimed that day. Bill’s mom was tied up for the evening and his father was watching the kids. He had to gather them up and haul them to downtown Chicago from their house on the South Side to claim the bike. As for Bozo, judging from his photo, I believe he might be blamed for the fear some kids have of clowns. He looks positively terrifying to me.

New and Improved
The carpet installers managed to get the project completed within the promised eight hours. Quite frankly, it was probably the noisiest of all of the jobs we had done to our house. I have never heard so much thumping in my life. Our downstairs light fixtures literally shook. One of the men told Bill our carpeting was so old that type of carpeting is no longer manufactured in the same way. Surprisingly, no one came running up to nab some of the carpeting that was being tossed…..

It’s About Time
The carpeting installation put me behind on some household chores, most specifically laundry. Sure, I could have done it the next day, but I was so busy putting my office back together. But yesterday morning, when I looked in my laundry basket, I noticed Bill was down to using his travel underwear. You know, the underwear made of nylon that dries quickly when you hang it on the line in your hotel room. That’s always the sign: RED ALERT. TIME TO DO LAUNDRY.


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