Saturday Smile: Cry Me a River

This past week was a good one. I got to spend time with ALL of my siblings, if not necessarily at the same time. Austin and Lilly always make me smile. Yesterday we hired a new maid to help keep our AZ home clean. Meet Hazel….

I got to eat at two of my favorite AZ food establishments: Portillo’s…..

…..and Oregano’s…..

But Jen told me a story yesterday afternoon that made me laugh out loud, and I chuckled most of the afternoon when I would think about it.

The Denver Bronco’s awesome defensive linebacker Von Miller is known for many things. Quarterbacks know him for his tough sacks. Fans know him for his infectious grin. And everyone who knows anything about him knows that he talks trash on the playing field. First-class, get-under-your-opponents’-skin trash. The Broncos play the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, and their QB Philip Rivers is known for being vocal on the field. A local sportscaster asked Von this question: Philip Rivers is known for talking trash on the playing field. Do you think this will bother you and get in your head?…..


Von gave his characteristic grin and answered, “When Philip Rivers talks trash, he points his finger at me and says, ‘Ha! First down, sucker.’

I guess that’s a step up from nanny nanny boo boo, but it isn’t going to put a dent in Mr. Miller’s game.

Have a good weekend, and go Broncos!

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