Hide and Seek

The painter finished doing his good work about a week ago, so we are THAT MUCH closer to being finished with the remodel project. We await the arrival of our carpeting that will be installed in the bedrooms upstairs. Believe me, both Bill and I are more than ready to be finished. We are OVER living amidst construction.

Four-year-old Cole, however, is in no hurry for the work to be done. In particular, he is delighted by the fact that our bedroom furniture is not up against the wall, since the carpeting by the wall had to be removed to install baseboards. Cole likes this because it allows him to run in circles — one of his favorite activities — around a piece of furniture that previously was unavailable for this activity. It also offers unusual places for him to hide while playing one of his favorite games — hide and seek.

Saturday afternoon, Cole asked me if I would come upstairs with him so he could play. When I was a very little girl, my grandmother and grandfather lived in a medium-sized house in Columbus. This was before they had moved to the apartment above the bakery. I remember almost nothing about that house except for the fact that it had an upstairs, accessible via a door that was ALWAYS CLOSED. I don’t know why it was kept closed, but that fact made it all the more intriguing. On rare occasions, Grammie let us go upstairs to check things out. Seeings as I remember absolutely nothing about what the upstairs was like, I’m guessing there was no crazy lady living there, ala Jane Eyre. There was probably nothing much of interest.

But because of this, I’m always happy to let the kids play upstairs, where there is also no crazy lady. Well, except for me. Therefore, I was happy to accompany him. I sat and looked at Facebook while he ran around the furniture. And then I noticed he wasn’t running around the furniture.

Nana, I heard his little voice. I’m behind the bed. Come and find me and scare me.

Another one of his favorite games. He likes to hide behind things, and wait for me to find him and say BOO! He would play that game a thousand times if I was willing, which I’m not. Five hundred, maybe. And the fact that he told me where he was made it particularly easy.

So I quietly walked over to the bed, looked behind it to find him, and said Boo! He giggled like I had just done the funniest thing on earth. And we did it four or five more times, and he giggled each time like it was the first. Five down, and 995 more times to go.

But this game got me to thinking about my attitude about life. I very often feel overwhelmed and scared and worried. Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of feeling scared, I reacted to life exactly as Cole reacts? Cole doesn’t worry about anything beyond his sisters not letting him join in their iPad games. He didn’t give a single thought to the fact that there might be something dangerous behind the bed. Four-year-olds don’t typically worry much because they know they have a mom or a dad or a nana or a papa who won’t let anything happen to them. And if they do somehow get in trouble, someone will help them out. And so, for Cole, life is pretty darn simple and there is a lot to make him laugh.

I also have someone to take care of me, if I will only trust in God the way Cole trusts in me.

Cole, with someone else in whom he can trust — his dad Court.

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  1. I love Matthew 6:26 for the same reason. When things that we’ve worried about end up being fine, we’re as surprised as Cole with the repeated boos.

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