Saturday Smile: Do You Still Have a Party Line Too?

I mentioned in my Thursday Thoughts that Dagny, Maggie Faith, and I went geocaching this week. We took my beloved yellow bug and Dagny is now old enough to sit in the front seat. We were driving towards home when suddenly Dagny asked me, “Nana, what does this mean?” She was pointing to the in-dash radio system that came with my 2003 Volkswagen Beetle. “What does Stop and Eject and Rew mean?”

I started laughing, because as I often point out to people driving cars with fancy sound systems, my car is so old that it skipped an entire generation of music options: Not only does it not have blue tooth access to my playlist, there is not even a compact disc player……

I think maybe she thought there was a chance she was sitting in the ejection seat…..

Have a great weekend.

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