Saturday Smile: What Time is It?

The other night, around 1:30 in the morning, my daughter-in-law Alyx noticed that the light was on in their living room downstairs. She is always the last one to bed, and she was certain she turned all the lights off. I’m envisioning that she awakened Court and he — being a lot like his mother — told her something like “I’m certain no burglar would turn on a light, so you head on down there and check it out. I’m here for ya. Call me if you need me.”

When she went downstairs, what should she see but 8-year-old Mylee sitting on the couch, happily eating a frozen fruit juice bar, and playing a game on her iPad, or perhaps looking at Kids YouTube.

What are you doing down here, she asked Mylee. It’s 1:30 in the morning.

Mylee was totally surprised. She woke up and — in predictable Mylee-fashion — didn’t bother to look at the clock. After all, it’s now dark when she wakes up at her more reasonable time of 6 o’clock. What’s time, after all? Just a number.

She finished up her fruit popsicle and went back to bed. Thankfully, she fell back asleep.

Oh Mylee. You always make me smile…..

Have a great weekend.

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