Thursday Thoughts

If a Tree Falls in the Forest…..
As the summer months have gone by, Bill and I have been pointing out to one another that the aspen tree near our back fence — the fence we just went halfies with our neighbor to replace — appeared to be getting sicker and sicker. Last fall, Bill and I were sitting in the family room watching television one night when we heard a very loud crash. We investigated, and discovered that one of our aspen trees — this one on the side of the house — had fallen. Thankfully, that one fell onto our patio rather than onto the neighbor’s yard. We were worried that we wouldn’t be that lucky a second time, and if the tree fell towards our neighbor’s yard, the fence would be destroyed. So this past Sunday, Bill called upon our grandson Alastair to help him cut down the aspen tree. After much ado, they were able to get the tree to fall down into our yard. Here are the two Paul Bunyans…..

The Rest of the Story
After Alastair collected all of his attaboys and his twenty bucks for his hard work, Bill proceeded to begin cutting up the tree, using a hacksaw. I watched him work his  butt off for a while, and then I couldn’t stop myself from going out to, well, suggest to him that it might make more sense to rent a chainsaw. Bill has always been one to eschew the idea of renting, choosing instead to buy. I finally convinced him, however, that he could complete the job in a half hour instead of literally days of work. Furthermore, we have no need to own a chainsaw, especially since we are in the process of trying to pair down what we own. So yesterday, we went to a rental place and came home with a chainsaw that was ours for four hours for a mere $37. He accomplished a lot in a much shorter period of time….

Roughing It
Kaiya — along with her fellow fifth graders — was packed up and ready to go bright and early yesterday morning. She and her classmates will spend the next couple of days at a camp in Estes Park, where they will hike and sleep in bunk beds and eat camp food. I can’t wait to hear what this little fussy eater lived on for three days. She was very excited…..

Practically Perfect in Every Way
After all of my fretting, Bill and I have developed a system for getting him hooked up each morning, and frankly, we are DARNED GOOD. What originally took 20 or 25 minutes now takes no more than 10. Every morning when Bill comes downstairs, I have us set up to go…..

As for how he’s doing, if attitude counts for anything, he’s doing great. And truly, so far, so good.

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  1. Bill’s new med line up looks like a science experiment, which it is!
    Kaiya looks so pretty in that pic.
    I love that Alastair works on projects like that with his Papa.
    Small victory with the chainsaw rental. Well done.

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