Saturday Smile: Flyin’ High

My almost 8-year-old great nephew Austin is a Big Time Chicago Cubs Fan. He’s learned it from his daddy, who grew up in Chicago and has loved the Chicago Cubs his whole life. You can imagine how excited they were a couple of years ago when the Cubs won the World Series. Here’s how excited he and his sister Lilly were…..

The other day, Austin and his dad Mark went to see the Chicago Cubs play the Arizona Diamondbacks. The two of them were rooting for the Cubs all the way. At some point a foul ball was hit by second baseman Ben Zorbrist, and it landed in Mark’s glove. Oh, the excitement! Oh, the joy! when his dad handed Austin — who, by the way, knows every word to the Go Cubs Go song — the ball…..

His happiness made me happy too.

Have a great weekend.

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