Thursday Thoughts

I’m Mo Bettah
Guess what? For a change, I remembered that today is Thursday, and Thursdays are the days I have some thoughts. Disregard Monday’s Thoughts. They weren’t that thoughtful.

Before and After
I promised that I would give an update on our new windows, and I can finally do that. The process started back in August, and while they got most of the windows completed in a few days, they “measured incorrectly” and it required them to reorder some of the windows. How do you “measure incorrectly” when your entire job is to measure windows? Anyhoo, they finally — FINALLY — came back Tuesday and finished up the last window. And so, here is the great unveiling, before and after…..

Doesn’t the big picture window in the living room look beautiful? We’re very pleased. Now for window coverings.

In the course of everything that has been happening this past month or so, Bill remembered last weekend (after driving his car to Fort Collins to celebrate Jen’s birthday) that he forgot to send in the necessary paperwork and payment to renew his car registration. He’s been an outlaw all of these weeks. Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? I’m happy to say that a quick visit to DMV and a $25 late fee later, and he’s back in business.

65 and I’m Alive
By the way, I did, in fact, accomplish what I hoped to accomplish the other day, and am now fully signed up for Medicare. A proud senior citizen helping drain the system of money. Hold the applause.

Bon Apetit
The morning of Allen and Emma’s reception, Bill and I stopped over at Dave and Jll’s house for breakfast. It was prepared by Master Chef Extraordinaire Alastair McLain. Despite the fact that he is only 13 years old, don’t envision our breakfast consisting of Apple Jacks and Pop Tarts. Nope. It was Eggs Benedict all the way…..

How many teenaged boys could prepare such a breakfast, with even the parsley and paprika flourishes? It was delicious. I should have known way back when that he would turn into an accomplished chef…..


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