Friday Book Whimsy: The Summer Wives

It’s 1951, and young Miranda Schuyler joins her mother on Winthrop Island. She is still reeling from the death of her beloved father in World War II. Her mother is finally beginning a new life by marrying one of the wealthy summer inhabitants of the island, Hugh Fisher, and everyone should be happy.

Shortly after her arrival, Miranda witnesses a young lobsterman diving from his boat to save another fisherman who has been knocked into the water. She runs to help and is immediately attracted to the young lobsterman, Joseph.

It isn’t long, however, before Miranda realizes that though the island’s inhabitants appear to get along, there is an invisible dividing line between the full-time residents and the rich summer residents. Furthermore, there is hanky-panky afoot; hence, the novel’s title: The Summer Wives.

Miranda returns to the island in 1969, and readers learn that much has happened in the interim, including Joseph being put in prison for murdering Miranda’s stepfather Hugh. But now Joseph has escaped and Miranda is suspected of hiding him.

In author Beatriz Williams’ typical style, the story is told from different perspectives and  even from different years. The story flows, however, despite the different viewpoints.

The author has made a career out of books featuring different members of the Schuyler family. It is even possible to obtain a family tree of the Schuyler clan.

The Summer Wives is one of my favorite books from this author.

Here is a link to the book.

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