Thursday Thoughts

Let the Good Times Roll
After the previous days’ posts, I felt you should be told of the outcome of all of our baking. We were lucky that there were some rolls left by dinnertime Tuesday because everytime I looked, one or the other of the kids was snitching a roll…..

As For Pie….
Dagny couldn’t make up her mind, so she chose a piece of peach pie and a piece of cherry pie…..

As for Alastair, he likes a little pie with his whipped cream. Well, maybe a lot of pie….

School Daze
Kaiya, Mylee, and Cole are the first of our grandkids to go back to school. Their school district starts a bit earlier and lets out a bit earlier than the Denver Public Schools. The kids looked darling in their back-to-school attire. I hope those teachers are ready for Mr. Cole…..

Ragin’ Cajun
I have been hankering for a seafood boil. Tuesday night, when I mentioned it to Alastair, his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. I’m in, he stated emphatically. So last night we filled our big turkey fryer with boiling water, and Bec prepared a shrimp boil for a gang of nine. It was delicious!…..

As you read this blog, Bec and I will likely be flying down I-80, heading towards our old hometown of Columbus, Nebraska. It will be a quick trip, with just enough time to have dinner with a few of our cousins.


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  1. The shrimp boil looks amazing and the grands are adorable. The pic of Dave in his shirt and tie tells it in no uncertain terms. The sabbatical is over. 😢

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