Saturday Smile: Newborn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Er, McLains

This week, a couple of my McLain grandkids made me laugh.

First, here is a photo of Maggie Faith when she visited the wax museum in Hollywood….

It’s an uncanny resemblance, isn’t it? What a ham!

As you might know, the McLains have a blog in which they document their travels this summer. They all take turns writing the daily post. I love them all, but I will admit to awaiting most eagerly those written by 13-year-old Alastair, who simply has a funny, unique way of looking at life. He writes with his tongue firmly in his cheek. In yesterday’s post he talked about being back in Denver for a family reunion. They were visited by their former nanny who now is a mother in her own right, and she brought the newborn for them to meet. Here is what he said:

Our old nanny and family friend came over with her newborn. The girls snuggled with the baby and fed it its bottle while I just held its foot. Then I went to the orthodontist.

Warm and fuzzy, isn’t it? You can tell meeting “it” was meaningful to him. And so was the orthodontist.

I love that boy and girl.

As an aside, I met them for a quick lunch on Thursday. Out of the four children, three of them ran to greet me by the door. One stayed at the table. Guess who? He didn’t even want to hold my foot.

Have a great weekend.

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