Thursday Thoughts

California, Here We Come
Bill and I are leaving early Friday morning on an Amtrak train that will take us to San Francisco. There, we will meet up with Dave and Jll and the kids for some San Fran fun. I’m looking forward to our train ride, though I will admit to a bit of nervousness. It’s a 33-hour ride from Denver to San Francisco, and it’s apparently a gorgeous trip. But trains, alas, can be unpredictable, at least here in the United States. What I’m really looking forward to, I will admit, is seeing the grands, as I am missing them a great deal. My blog will continue to publish, but for the most part, it will be repeats of some of my favorites. Be patient. We will return on July 12.

Let’s Go Fourth!
Bill and I got up quite early yesterday morning to drive to Fort Collins to spend the Independence Day holiday with Jen. Maggie, Mark, Austin, and Lilly are visiting from AZ and we enjoyed our day immensely. It started with breakfast at the Silver Grill — one of our favorite spots to eat in Fort Collins. Afterwards, we enjoyed watching a little neighborhood Fourth of July parade…..

We spent most of the rest of the day on Jen’s patio watching the kids play in the sun and the water…..

Everyone — and I mean everyone — was dressed like an American flag…..

…..and there was even time for a lemonade stand (with Uncle Bill and Uncle BJ being their best customers…..

And when it’s the birthday of America, you need to celebrate with a good old fashioned dessert like banana splits…..

Sour Vegetables
It’s that time of year again. Tuesday afternoon, I made my annual batch of dill pickles. This year I even remembered to include dill…..

Berry Pickers
Every Christmas, Heather and Lauren give Bill and me a calendar featuring photos of their family. When I turned to July, I laughed with joy to see this particular photo…..

I can’t exactly tell you why this photo makes me smile. They are clearly berry picking, and it must be drizzling. Joseph (in the front) looks so handsome and full of joy. And in the back, the look on Micah’s face just couldn’t be more precious. Love those Vermont grands.

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  1. Your Vermont boys are adorable. Your banana split fixings were a hit. I love the Mountain Avenue 4th of July parade. Thanks for spending the day with us.

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