Saturday Smile: She Loves You Yes, Yes, Yes

The Late Late Show’s host James Corden does a bit — called Carpool Karaoke — in which he drives around with a famous star — often a musician — during which they both sing karaoke-style to songs made famous both by the particular singer, or others. I am, of course, NEVER awake for The Late Late Show, but I was made aware of this particular episode via another blogger. It features Paul McCartney.

It’s fairly lengthy — 23 minutes, but worth every moment. Watching it made me extremely happy. I loved it. In fact, I cried through most of it. It’s not a bit sad, but it made me feel very nostalgic.

If you don’t feel you have 23 minutes to spare, fast forward until 15:30. It’s all good, but the ending is the best part. Watch the Baby Boomers!

Have a great weekend.

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