Saturday Smile: School’s Out For the Summer

Yesterday was the last day of school for Kaiya and Mylee. They had a half day to pack up their desks and say goodbye to their teachers and friends, and then they were FREE!

So, to celebrate, they spent the afternoon, along with their brother Cole, at Nana’s house. We went to the park, they played with Play Doh (of course), the made a village out of sidewalk chalk, they put on their swim suits and ran through the sprinkler. Well, Kaiya and Mylee did. Cole put on his swim suit for about 45 seconds before he pronounced the water was too cold and he wanted his regular clothes back on.

After several hours of nonstop fun, finally about 4 o’clock, they agreed to sit quietly and play Minecraft and watch television……

Could this boy possibly look more tired?

But they sucked it up and posed for a photo in Papa’s fancy sports car…..

Have a great weekend.

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