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It’s Better Than Math Class
Last week I told you about hanging out at Maggie Faith’s field day – an event that most Denver area elementary schools hold at the end of the year when the kids are starting to drive the teachers crazy and the teachers are desperately looking for ways to keep them entertained for the last week or so. At her school, the events are mostly water-related. This week I went to Kaiya and Mylee’s field day at a different school. Unfortunately, as I watched Kaiya’s class walk out of school, I didn’t see Kaiya. Just then, I got a text from Court telling me that she hadn’t come to school that day because she was sick. So I returned home until afternoon, when Mylee’s second grade class had their field day. It turns out that their events are much more related to track. Among the activities: a game in which the kids ran under a parachute and had to run back out before it came down on top of them. Mylee had great speed and perfect timing…..

…..and three-legged races, an event with which she and her partner struggled a bit…..

…..and the tried-and-true tug-of-war…..

Her brother Cole was an observer, and excelled at being cute…..

Now, That’s Art
The Denver Art Museum hosted a special exhibit of works by the great French Impressionist artist Edgar Degas. It was a limited exhibit, and it was about to end. Bill and I had been talking about going, but never got around to, well, actually going. My friend Megan – who is one of them-thar high-cultured ladies – is a member of the art museum, and invited Bill and me to join her at the exhibit. It felt nice to be a grown-up for a change. Imagine, going to downtown Denver with the other grown-ups, and enjoying an amazing art exhibit. I know next to nothing about art, but I know what I like, and I liked most of what I saw. Not all, but it was fun to see how the artist progressed and changed his style throughout his life. He seemed to be largely interested in ballerinas, horses, and women taking baths. The fact that I’m not tittering about the nudes in the bathtubs shows just how sophisticated I am. Megan and I posed outside of the museum…..

One of my goals this spring and summer was to make my life easier when it came to my plants. I love having flowers and vegetables, but I hate dragging hoses to get them watered. A few years ago, Bill pulled out some juniper bushes from our front yard. Since then, we have been trying to figure out what to plant in that spot. We’ve tried a variety of things, but because our sprinkler system doesn’t water that area, I have had to drag hoses. No longer, because this year we put in drought-friendly plants. We have grasses and a dwarf blue spruce, and lots of columbine. I figure if columbine can live on the side of a mountain, they can resist some dry weather. Aren’t they pretty?…..


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