Thursday Thoughts

The other day, I managed to drag Bill away from yard work long enough to get my scooter started for the summer. He has the knack. My precious vehicle has 7,100 miles, all mine-mine-mine. I used to drive it to work downtown. Now I use it mostly to putz around the neighborhood. Yesterday I took it over to Southmoor Elementary and then to the grocery store. I never am on my scooter on a nice sunny day when I don’t realize that riding my scooter is about as much fun as I can ever have. I love it…..

The reason I went to Southmoor Elementary on my scooter (did I mention that I love my scooter?) is because not only was it Maggie Faith’s birthday yesterday, but her school was having their annual Field Day. For whatever reason, Southmoor’s Field Day is more of a Water Day than actual field events like tug-of-war or foot races. That’s ok, because the kids seem to love it. The weather was warm and sunny, and it was a great day to get wet. Which they did…..

Last autumn, Bill and I were quietly sitting in our family room watching television, when we heard a loud boom in our backyard. Upon further review, we saw that a small aspen tree that we knew was dead and had planned on cutting down had made up its own mind and came down without our help. Luckily, it landed mostly on our patio rather than our neighbor’s roof. We did lose a few roof tiles, but it could have been far worse. That’s why Bill has been very nervous about another dead aspen tree in the back of our yard. Yesterday afternoon, Alastair dropped by, and Bill put him to work. Bill tied the tree to another tree…..

…..and then used what he calls a come along tool to urge the tree down. So while Bill chopped, Alastair cranked the come along tool. My job? I sat on the patio and prayed. We were all successful…..

Shortly after this shot was taken, Alastair came in looking for a bandage for his blister! It was well earned.


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  1. I love that you still enjoy your scooter. I remember when you got it. We rented them on vacation once and I had so much fun I begged for one for years. Then I got pregnant and that dream went out the window but still SO FUN.

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