Saturday Smile: I’m Movin’ On Up

Our 5-year old grandson Micah has shared a room with his older brother Joseph since he was born. They have bunk beds, but much of the time they snuggle up together in one bed, or at least used to. We FaceTimed this week and found out that Micah made an executive decision early one morning this past week that changed things a bit. By time the rest of the family woke up, he had moved all of his toys, books and other items important to a 5-year old into the room next door which had been the toy room. He also had made up a little bed. He declared that he wanted to have his own room.

Well, okay then. The room formerly known as the Toy Room has officially been named Micah’s Bedroom, and a real bed is on order.

Mark my words, in 25 years, Micah will be an big time executive known and respected for his decision-making ability…..

This boy makes me smile.

One thought on “Saturday Smile: I’m Movin’ On Up

  1. That is the cutest story! He not only makes a decision but then executes it. Well done, Micah.

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