Thursday Thoughts

And We’re Back in Denver
We arrived home yesterday afternoon right at 3 o’clock, to find the man who transported Bill’s sports car to Denver sitting in front of our driveway in his big truck. He must have flown like the wind to beat us home. He was originally supposed to deliver it today, but he said it would help him a lot if he could deliver it yesterday so that he could get home earlier. Perhaps he has a wife who told him it would be nice if he dropped by once in a while instead of driving other people’s cars to and fro. Anyway, we all made it in one piece.

But, No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition
So, we spent a nice evening in Albuquerque, eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour. We awoke early, had breakfast, packed up what few things we had brought into the room, dropped off our key, got in the car, pressed the start button……NOTHING. Absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G. So we called AAA and they sent a man to jump the battery……

He also did a diagnostic which told him that the battery was shot. About that time, the man with Bill’s car was probably shooting by in a desperate attempt to beat us to Denver. Anyway, we ended up going to the nearby Walmart, where they were able to install a new battery in pretty quick order. While we weren’t on the road at 6:30 as we had hoped, we drove out of Walmart’s parking lot at 8:30. It could have been worse. By the way, there is a scene in The Blind Side in which Leigh Anne Tuohy, played magnificently by Sandra Bullock, greets Nick Saban, who has come to visit her son Michael Oher. She says to her husband, “Now, I find him to be very attractive,” to which her husband replies, “You know I’m standing here, right?” That’s sort of the way I felt about our AAA fellow, whose name was Ulysses. I found him to be very good looking, even under the circumstances. Unlike Sandra Bullock, I kept my mouth shut, however.

Would a Little Lettuce Kill Ya?
Admittedly, however, it was not a pretty picture, because after finishing our marginal Hampton Inn breakfast, we at nothing but junk food until we went out to dinner in Denver after arriving home. No rest for the wicked, donchaknow. But after a day of Chex Mix, Red Vines, and Diet Mountain Dew, my body was screaming for something healthy.

I had arranged to have someone cut our grass so that we didn’t have to hit the ground running with yard work, and it was nice to see the pretty green lawn when we pulled into our driveway. Not only that, but since we arrived home sooner than we have the past few years, we are able to enjoy these lovely spring blessings…..

Our forsythia bush is about done blooming.

Some of our late blooming tulips.

Looks like we might get pears this year.

We have three apple trees, and they are all in bloom. Lovely flowers.


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