Arizona Memories

After doing just about anything to avoid the inevitable, on Saturday, we finally got busy for reals and began getting ready to drive back to Denver. If you read this post on Tuesday morning, we will either have hit the road or will be close to doing so. Mr. I-Transport-Ridiculously-Expensive-Male-Toys is coming today mid-morning to pick up Bill’s sports car to carry back to Denver and we will leave soon thereafter. Since Mr. ITREMT is picking up a second car as well, he doesn’t think he will be at our Denver front door until Thursday.

Bill’s Ferrari 308 and the McLaren that the driver will pick up in Scottsdale will be the lone vehicles in this massive truck…..

If the two cars were characters in Cars XV, they would pass the time talking about how boring it is to belong to men who can’t legally drive them more than 75 mph on a good day. Why can’t I be a race car like my cousin Lightning McQueen?

Each year when we arrive in AZ, we have big plans to take many day trips or overnight excursions around the state. This year, like most years, mostly that didn’t happen. Instead, Bill has been kept pretty busy between doing legal work and dealing with all of the things that surprise you when you own a home. My contribution to our lack of excursions was a visit to the hospital early in March.

Nonetheless, while we didn’t spend every weekend traveling around AZ, we did do some fun things. For the first time ever, we saw Zoo Lights. That has been on my to-do list for a number of years…..

We made it to Las Vegas, NV, where we got to see my niece dance as part of the Jabbawockeez dance group, and to enjoy time with her……

We took several drives up to Saguaro Lake – one in the Ferarri for a picnic, after which the car wouldn’t start…..

Our second trip was to find the wild horses which everyone brags about seeing. Everyone but us, because they were nowhere to be found. We did, however, enjoy the hike, and we will leave the damned elusive horses for next year…..

We made it to one Spring Training game – opening game at Salt River Field between the Rockies and the D-Backs…..

Bill and my brother Dave watched cars go around in a circle at NASCAR, and Bill spent cash money on duds representing his favorite driver, Chase Elliott…..

Bryce Thompson Arboretum turned out to be one of the most interesting excursions we took this winter…..

We ate Mexican…..

and German…..

and Polish…..

and Greek, and Italian, and even Chicago with a stop at Portillo’s…..

We celebrated New Year’s Day…..

Mardi Gras…..


…and even National Chocolate Cake Day…..

So, all-in-all, it was a good winter with people I love. The best news though is that I’m going home to more people I love!

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