Saturday Smile: Is It Really That Bad?

I mentioned on Thursday a rather unpleasant visit we had to a restaurant in a less than picturesque small town about 30 miles east of our Mesa home named Superior. I had no sooner published the blog post when I got a text message from my brother Dave. Here’s what he said: As Dad would say, “If God was going to give the world an enema, he would stick the hose in Superior.” Dave went on to explain that Dad had used those exact words to describe Craig, Colorado.

My dad wasn’t one to mince words. And he clearly didn’t think highly of the Colorado town located in the northwest corner of the state. I have never been there, so I can’t confirm or deny his description.

The same could be said of my mother. On more than one occasion, I heard her say that the town of Holbrook, AZ, reminded her of a town that had just been hit by a nuclear bomb. Suffice it to say that neither of my parents would ever have been asked to serve on the board of a chamber of commerce.

But when I read the words that Dave wrote, I laughed out loud. Not only could I hear my Dad’s voice saying those exact words, but he might not have been wrong, at least when it came to Superior…..


It looks like I will also not be serving on a Chamber board.

Have a great weekend.

One thought on “Saturday Smile: Is It Really That Bad?

  1. I also remember once when (uncle) Elmer told a story about Rocks Springs, WY. I don’t remember the story but I remember he said that’s where the birds fly upside down. I still smile anytime I hear that town mentioned.

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