Saturday Smile: Monumental

Dave and Jll and the kids took their RV out for the first time last week as a test run for their upcoming tour of the western part of the United States over the entire summer. Five years ago they toured east of the Mississippi River. For this test run, they visited the Black Hills of South Dakota. Since they will be taking off from Colorado, it would have been one of the only significant tourist attractions they would miss since they don’t want to head east before they head west. Hence, a Spring Break adventure.

They took many pictures, but this is the one that gave me my laugh for the week…..

It took me a moment to understand the photo, but once I did, it became apparent that Maggie Faith needs to work on her mustache.

They will see lots of things this summer, but I don’t think they’ll come up with a more clever photo.

Have a great weekend.

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