Thursday Thoughts

This is When I Need a Hover Car
I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for yesterday afternoon at 1 o’clock. At 12:50, I’m sitting in my recliner reading the wonderful novel that, despite it being about WWII, is bringing me much joy because it’s how people fought back. Suddenly my cell phone makes a distinctive beep. Distinctive because I know it reminds me that I have an upcoming appointment. The reminder default is 10 minutes. If I’m smart, I change that default to something a bit more useful like an hour. The reminder, of course, was for my doctor’s appointment which was a minimum of 25 minutes from my house. I moved remarkably quickly, crazily putting on shoes while at the same time scrolling down my contact list to find the telephone number of the doctor’s office. As I scrambled, I was trying to think of a good excuse for missing my appointment. It finally occurred to me that there simply wasn’t a good reason and that I probably should just tell the truth. Go figure. When the receptionist answered, I said, “Hi. I have a 1 o’clock appointment. I ain’t gonna lie; I spaced it out.” I held my breath. They couldn’t have been nicer, and had an opening at 3. I’m blaming it on morphine brain left over from the hospital. Yeah, Kris. Nice try.

Time Flies When You’re Blabbing
In the course of trying to find something I knew I had written about in my blog, I came face to face with the fact that I wrote my first Nana’s Whimsies blog post on August 14, 2013. That is a mere four years and seven months ago. That’s almost impossible for me to believe because it seems that I have been writing this blog for a heck of a lot longer than that. Perhaps I’m confused because I briefly wrote a cooking blog that was a complete failure in large part because I’m not a great cook. I also wrote a travel blog while Bill and I were on our big European adventure. However, maybe that’s why it seems like I’ve been blogging for longer than four years. We bought this house in 2010, so my blog wasn’t even a gleam in my nana eye when we bought our AZ escape with Jen.

Last night Bill and I went out for dinner, despite my best intentions to cook at home. I was yearning for a burger. We had been told about a restaurant not far from our house that cooked a mean burger. Stay tuned for more about the restaurant. For my purposes right now, let me just tell you that it appeared from the outside to be a biker bar. So as we waited for our table, Bill told me that he had recently read that Harley Davidson was having financial troubles. It seems Millennials are not swept up in the Harley mystic. I’m not sure if they aren’t interested in motorcycles at all, or just not Harleys in particular. It would not surprise me if they are buying BMW motorcycles instead. Young whippersnappers…..

Hugs and Kisses
Bill and I leave this evening for a quick trip back to Denver to see our family. I generally make it until late February or early March until I get homesick and need some hugs and kisses. In the next few days, we will be getting hugs from all but two of this bunch, and then return to AZ on Tuesday….


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  1. I think those East Coast boys should come to Denver to give you a hug. The weather would certainly be better in Denver…downright tropical.
    Also, I am sure it was morphine brain.

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