Saturday Smile: World Famous

As part of my Thursday Thoughts this week, I included a paragraph about Jen and how she was going to buy Austin a new Garmin step counter and then have lunch. He told his mom it was going to be the best day of his life. On Thursday morning, Jen showed Austin his photo on my blog and read him what I had written. His exuberant response? Oh my gosh! Now everybody in the whole wide world can see me! I am happy in his confidence about my readership. While it’s true that potentially everyone in the world COULD see him, I’m afraid my loyal readership doesn’t include the whole wide world…..

As for Lilly, her response? How come there’s no picture of me?

So here you go, Lilly. Now everyone in the whole wide world can see you too…..

Have a great weekend.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: World Famous

  1. And now when I’m an old, old old, old lady. Older than I am now, I can google this Saturday Smile post and recall this week with the kids and their dates with Grammie. That makes me smile!

  2. Austin is smart! There are teenagers and adults who haven’t figured out yet that what they post on the internet CAN be seen by EVERYBODY!!! Hope he remembers when he gets into Facebook or whatever they have when he is a teen. Lilly is so cute!!!

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