Saturday Smile: Dinner With My Dad

On a whim, last night Bill and I did something pretty random. We went to dinner at a German restaurant that we have been wanting to try.

We walked into Zur Kate Restaurant in east Mesa, took one look at the menu, and I time-traveled back to dinner with my dad. The Friday night special was Rouladen, which is thinly-sliced beef rolled around onions, bacon (or speck as my grandmother called it) and a dill pickle……

But it wasn’t the rouladen that reminded me of my dad. It was the knackwurst and the sauerkraut. And since I couldn’t decide, I had them both……

I don’t remember my grandmother making a whole lot of German food. I suspect she did, but not necessarily when she was cooking for me. However, I do remember her cooking a lot — A LOT — of sausage. Bratwurst, knackwurst, landjager (which was my favorite).

I also remember my grandfather waking up from his afternoon nap and playing his accordian, and I remember a lot of German polkas. My dad learned to play also, and I have memories of him playing also. So when this started up……

….it made me smile. Dinner with my dad.

Have a great weekend.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Dinner With My Dad

  1. I used to make great rouladen. Bob grew up next to a lady from Germany and she used to make them. I sought out a recipe in a Time-Life cookbook and made them with frequency. They were really delicious ! Now I am suddenly hungry for them…

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