Thursday Thoughts: Wednesday Edition

There’s No Place Like Home
We got home around 8:30 last night, after driving from Las Vegas back to our AZ home. I would love to say it was good to be back in my own bed, but I must admit that the bed at the MGM Grand was about twice as comfortable as my bed here in AZ. But it’s always good to be home.

Talk About Big
The MGM Grand is the largest hotel in the United States with 5,124 rooms. Our two rooms barely made a dent. We would literally walk miles in a day, and never leave the hotel. It’s weird to think that you can spend several days without even going outdoors. Even the MGM lion was massive…..

The Gambler
I vowed I would set aside X amount of money and gamble. I can’t add, so Blackjack was out. I haven’t the foggiest idea how to play either Craps or Roulette. Poker? Whatevah. So slot machines it was. After losing $40 in less than 10 minutes, I decided my gambling days were over. What’s fun about that? And it is quite apparent that no one is having fun because if you look around at the slot machines, there is not a smile to be seen. The only smiles were on people at the bar. As Bill says, they don’t build these fancy hotels because everyone wins lots of money.

What Happens in Vegas
Oh, but Bill smiled a little bit. One day for lunch, as Bec and I dined in style at Emeril’s Fish House, he walked down to White Castle, which was a lengthy hike. When he returned, I asked him how the walk went. He said it felt good to get outside. He added that he saw some interesting people. Really, I said. Tell me more.  He told me a couple of women asked him if he would like to have his picture taken with him. It was an interesting proposal, as they were quite scantily clad. In fact, both wore bikini bottoms. One had only pasties on top and the other simply had her shirt painted on. It was quite chilly, and undoubtedly so were they. He wisely declined the photo.

Room With a View
While our lovely room didn’t overlook the Strip, we had a pretty view nonetheless. I found the Excaliber to be really interesting. It was especially pretty at night…..

Bye Bye Vegas….

More tomorrow….


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