Saturday Smile: Midnight Train to Georgia (or Someplace)

He’s leavin’
On that midnight train to Georgia
Said he’s goin’ back
To a simpler place in time.
And I’ll be with him
On that midnight train to Georgia.
I’d rather live in his world
Than live without him in mine. – Jim Weatherly, made famous by Gladys Knight

The other day I FaceTimed our granddaughter Kaiya. We talked for a few moments, and then her little brother Cole heard my voice.

“Nana!” he shouted, and grabbed the iPad right out of Kaiya’s hands. He began telling me, well lots of things. He showed me his new toys (specifically a Lalaloopsy doll with the unlikely name of Crumbs), told me about his day at school, and informed me (incorrectly, I later learned) that Mylee hadn’t gone to school that day. As he babbled on and on, he was running around the house with the iPad, making me darnright seasick.

At one point, my screen was white. It was clear I was looking at their ceiling. I heard his mom say, “Cole, you took the iPad from Kaiya to talk to Nana, and now you set it down in the toy train.”

“Yet,” he said (which is how he pronounces yes). “I’m giving Nana a train ride.”

I knew just how Gladys Knight felt.
Have a great weekend.

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