Thursday Thoughts

I’ve been bragging about my herbs and lettuce that I have been nursing since we arrive in AZ in late December. Yesterday afternoon, I glanced out and noticed that the lettuce looked different. I went to check it out and noticed that there has been something EATING it. I’m looking at you, Birds…..



Seeing my little lettuce stubs does not make me a happy person. It is true that I love the sounds of the mockingbirds in the morning. However, should I witness one of those darling little birds dining on my precious greens, St. Francis of Assisi will quickly turn into the Incredible Hulk. Where’s my slingshot? Tweet tweet, indeed.

Marvelous, Indeed
I guiltily admitted recently that I had binge-watched the second season of Broadchurch on Netflix. That was the first time I had ever binge-watched anything. It is with great embarrassment that I have to admit that I have once again binge-watched something. I spent last Sunday watching EVERY EPISODE of the first season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which is certainly one of the best programs I have watched in years. It features a cast of whom I have scarcely heard (Tony Shalhoub was one exception, as Bill and I used to love him as the detective Monk), though others more in tune with contemporary movies and television may know every last one of the cast members. Midge Maisel is adorable, and her story is absolutely delightful. The series streams on Amazon, and is free to those of us on Amazon Prime (thank you Lauren!). The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel won best comedy series at the Golden Globes (which I decidedly DID NOT watch), and that made me feel very smug as I had already watched every episode. If you are able, watch it. Seriously, watch it.

Seasonal Weather
At last, the East Valley had a bit of more seasonal weather yesterday and it looks to continue into today. And by seasonal weather, I’m talking a high of 62 and sunny. It can’t be compared to the minus 24 experienced in Vermont and other states last week. Still, for the first time since we’ve been here, it actually felt a bit like – well, if not winter, at least fall! It will soon be back in the 70s, but the folks I talked to yesterday were acting like it was plum cold.

For renewing my Phoenix Zoo membership early, I got two free tickets to Zoo Lights. Neither Bill nor I have ever seen Zoo Lights, so we are excited. Saturday is the final night, and I think Bill and I are going to don sweaters and head over this evening. Up past 8 o’clock like grown-ups.


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