Saturday Smile: Take a Seat

Just as Lucy told Charlie Brown that he was the Charlie Browniest, I must tell you that of all the Mark Jensens in the world, Maggie’s husband is the Mark Jenseniest. Just about the same time as Maggie found out she was pregnant with their firstborn Austin, now 7…..


…..Mark installed in their downstairs bathroom a kids’ toilet seat. It fit right inside the adult toilet seat and would be perfect for when his child would be potty-trained some two or three years later. A bit premature, we all thought. Still, it is Mark Jensen, who lives by the Boy Scout motto Be Prepared.

Now, clearly I am not at their house every minute of every day, but as far as I know, that kids’ toilet seat was not used by either Austin or his sister Lilly. Yet, the seat remained steadfastly placed on the toilet seat in the bathroom that I, as well as all of their family and guests, use regularly. I cannot speak for others, but I struggled with the blessed seat every time I used their toilet. It always came down when it shouldn’t or wouldn’t go up when it should.

Finally, last week, I poked a bit of fun at Mark, asking him something side-splitting, perhaps along the lines of will you finally take that seat off when Lilly leaves for college. I know. Hilarious, right?

When Mark and Maggie arrived at Bec’s house on New Year’s Day, much to my surprise, Mark had a belated Christmas gift for me. It was gift-wrapped and all. You have probably guessed by now…..

Since all of my grandkids to date are potty-trained (yay Cole!), it remains to be seen just how long I will hang on to the blasted thing. But Mark Jensen made me laugh!

Have a great weekend.

One thought on “Saturday Smile: Take a Seat

  1. This made me smile and Mark makes me laugh often but you know my theory on this one. Now you’re the one who has to get rid of the seat! 😂

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