Thursday Thoughts

Things are starting to settle down a bit now. Jen has returned to Colorado, making many of us very sad (especially two little kids named Austin and Lilly). I spent yesterday afternoon straightening up the house, planning meals that I will actually prepare here in my very own kitchen, buying groceries, coaxing Rosie-the-Roomba to vacuum the whole house, and generally behaving as an Arizona homemaker. There was about an inch of dust on everything, and now the surfaces are clean, at least for the time being. Talk about having to rest up from vacation! I have been very tired the past few days. Despite the moderate temperature, however, it can’t all be rest and relaxation.

Is It Hot In Here?
And speaking of moderate temperatures, yesterday I finally succumbed to the fact that the 70s are here to stay. In previous years, temperatures this time of year have hovered in the high 50s and low 60s, sometimes even lower. So I found myself putting on my jeans and a sweater every morning, only to find myself extremely warm by mid-afternoon. Yesterday I just faced reality and put on a t-shirt and my capris. By the way, I’m not complaining All-You-People-Who-Are-Facing-Freezing-Temperatures. I love the warm weather and pretty flowers and wouldn’t trade places with you for anything…..

I vowed to myself that one of the first things I was going to do when we arrived in AZ was to plant some herbs in pots. I managed to get the herbs planted within a few days. My thinking was that I would be able to bring them indoors when it gets cold, but because our weather has been so mild, I haven’t even had to move them from the spot they like on Bill’s outdoor kitchen. I planted butter lettuce…..

….. and thyme, dill, basil, and parsley…..

A Fiver Saved is a Fiver Earned
One of my Facebook friends (and a real-life friend as well) posted something this week that caught my eye. He said that last January he challenged himself to place every $5 bill that landed in his pocket into a jar. It just about killed him when he would pay for something with a $20 bill and get three fives as change. Still, he apparently was faithful about saving those fives. He counted his cashola the other day, and there was $715 in the jar. I think it’s a great way to save some money. My problem is that I pay for nearly everything with a credit card and then pay off the card at the end of the month. I do, however, save my change. It accumulates a lot slower than $5 bills, however.

About 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Bill emerged from the garage (where he had been working on his car) and suggested we have a cocktail party outside on the patio. I told him I was happy to join him, but I felt it was a bit early for a cocktail party. He seemed to disagree, as he grabbed a beer from the fridge. For about a half hour or so, I watched him drink his beer. Finally he said to me, “Kris, on New Year’s Eve, we watched the ball drop in NYC at 10 o’clock and pretended it was midnight. Why can’t you just pretend it’s 5 o’clock this afternoon as well?”



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  1. Have we taught you nothing through the years? It’s always 5:00 somewhere!
    Bj being an 80 year old man on the inside has collected his change for years and loves the day annually when he cashes it in. I’m always surprised how much it adds up.

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