Saturday Smile: Caroling, Caroling

When we were growing up in Columbus, Nebraska, part of our family’s annual Christmas festivities was singing Christmas carols. All three of the girl children took piano lessons, but really, it was only Bec who accompanied all of us as we sang. And when I say “all of us,” I mean Mom and Dad too. It’s something we haven’t done for quite some time, as you can imagine. So the other day when Bec told Jen and me, “Gosh, I wish you guys could come over and we could sing some Christmas carols,” it took only a bit of time to decide we would do just that.

Yesterday, Jen made a quiche and I took some krispies I had purchased at Basha’s, and she and I went drove to Bec’s house for breakfast and caroling……

It felt familiar and festive, and made me smile.

Have a great weekend.

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