Thursday Thoughts

It’s Not Just for Dessert Anymore
Last Sunday after Mass we stopped for breakfast at Steak ‘n Shake Restaurant, which is right next door to the church. It’s quick and inexpensive – darnright cheap, in fact – and isn’t half bad. Anyway, we began looking at our menus, and suddenly I saw the placard on the table which read Breakfast Shakes – Solving the breakfast problem. First of all, I didn’t really realize that breakfast was such a problem. Maybe it isn’t for me because I’m retired. Perhaps working people begin stressing about the problem of breakfast the night before. Maybe it even keeps some people awake. But Steak ‘n Shake has your back. You can have cereal and milk all in one beverage. Oh, and don’t forget the ice cream. Because you see, it’s a breakfast milk shake: milk, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, and ice cream. Breakfast of champions…..

It frankly didn’t even sound remotely good to me. However, the peppermint shake with chocolate chips did. I will return sometime before the holidays are over and the peppermint shakes are gone until next year.

I rarely binge-watch a television program. That isn’t to say that I won’t sit down and watch several programs in a row in the afternoon while I’m crocheting. But I usually like to hop around. But the other day, I sat down to watch Season 3 of Broadchurch, the gripping Netflix mystery that takes place in a little seaside town in England. Each season, there is one mystery that the two detectives solve over the course of eight episodes. This season it was a violent rape of one of the citizens of the small town. I literally sat on my chair and watched all eight episodes in a row. I simply had to find out who was guilty of the crime. As in Seasons 1 and 2, the solution was a total surprise. I won’t give it away, but I recommend this program. Just make sure you have enough time in your day!

It Isn’t Ugly; It’s Just Seasonal
I got a telephone call the other day from Adelaide. Nana, she said, Sunday is our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Day with our youth group. Can Alastair and Dagny and I borrow one of your Christmas sweaters? You might remember that they borrowed sweaters last year for the same purpose. I agreed, managing not to be insulted by the request. The truth is, I went through a period where I bought a new Christmas sweater every year, and the more garish it was, the better I liked it. So the two girls came over later and selected their sweaters, choosing one of my sweaters for their brother. They returned them on Tuesday, and proudly informed me that Dagny won the prize for the ugliest sweater. I admit I teared up; maybe it was from pride but maybe it was from embarrassment.

Open For Business
One of the new pieces of furniture I bought for our family room was a coffee table. Our old table didn’t work with the new colors. I selected one that not only had storage on the bottom, but opened up to be a table. I envisioned times when I would work at my computer while watching television. In fact, it’s Cole who broke it in earlier this week, using it as his lunch table as he watched Boss Baby……


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  1. Nice try Steak N Shake.
    I refuse to buy Christmas sweaters anymore since the word ugly now always proceeds them. Boo. Now I buy Christmas t-shirts. 🎄
    Cole looks very pleased with the family room update!

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